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Sewing Around The World – Tea / Belgrad

Not quite April, but quite changeable out there! We are very pleased to present our new Sewing Around The World Project, suitable for rain, wind and sunshine. Tea alias wanted to sew a rain coat exactly for this time of the year and chose the  Amy Parka pattern. As far as fabric is concerned, she […]

Sewing Around The World – Sasha / Italy

Today we continue on our Sewing Around The World Tour and I am very happy to present you the contribution from Sasha from Italy. Sasha has chosen the sewing pattern Anna Dress and was inspired of the current Valentino collection: long, fluttering dresses in wonderfully coordinated colors determine the spring / summer collection of the Valentino designers […]

Sewing Around The World – Anna / Lyon

A hearty “welcome back” to all. I hope you have celebrated wildly and have entered new year 2017 well. Slowly every day life is back and also at schnittchen, we continue where we left off in December 2016 and would like to introduce you today our first Sewing Around The World Project 2017. We are […]

Sewing Around The World – Tamara / Malawi

In September we traveled on our Sewing Tour to the north of Europe, to Denmark, and admired Trine of groovybabyandmama with her wonderful Jeannie Dress. Now almost at the end of October we fly to the other end of the world to visit Tamara in Malawi. Tamara has chosen sewing pattern Tina Jacket for her […]

Sewing Around The World – Trine / Denmark

Already October and yes we missed September, but nevertheless I am very pleased to present you with a little delay the ninth contribution to our Sewing Around The World Tour. Recently we introduced Amandas colorful Coco Jacket photographed in the Australian forest and today we travel to Trine, better known to the sewing community as […]

Sewing Around The World – Amanda / Australien

Again I may present yout a wonderful contribution to our Sewing Around The World tour. This time it’s over the sea, from England, where we admired Katies Mary Pants, to Canberra in Australia where we visit Amanda from bimbleandpimble. We are very happy that Amanda has pledged immediately as we invited her to Sewing Around […]

Sewing Around The World – Katie / London

I just love the name of Katie’s Blog: easy and simple “What Katie Sews” … And Katie sews a lot and always with style! So we are very glad to have also Katie with us joining our Sewing Around The World project. We now return from Anna Neah in Sweden, who had sewn the wonderful […]

Maker’s Wish! Your wishes will come true…

  Today we would like to introduce you our new project maker’s wish! Do you have something in mind which you want to sew but cannot find a pattern for? Do you like to create and sew your own designs? Please share your ideas with us! We want to invite YOU to inspire patterns for […]

Sewing Around The World – Anna / Sweden

“Isn’t she loveley” by Stevie Wonder I had stuck in my had whenever I looked at the photos Anna sent us as her contribution to Sewing Around The World. On our last stop we saw Marcy alias oonaballoona with her wild patterned Wax Print version of the Rachel Overall set in scene in front of […]

Sewing Around The World – Marcy / New York

Although Germany is haunted in many parts by torrential rain, I know there will be the moment when June will break through the clouds and also send some sun beams to us. If you look at the photos of Marcy, our 5th guest blogger for our monthly Sewing Around The World project, then it seems […]